Restrictive Covenant Enforcements & The Protection Of Trade Secrets

Attorneys at Fellheimer & Eichen LLP represent industry leaders and employers in protecting their intellectual property and competitive advantage through the enforcement of restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements. Through litigation and counseling, we assist clients in protecting their:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Confidential customer lists
  • Price lists
  • Business methods
  • Trade secrets

Whether it is sophisticated corporate espionage, confidential business information, trade secret theft, or unfair competition from present or former employees in breach of contractual covenants of confidentiality and against competition, our lawyers will move quickly to secure injunctive relief to end the irreparable harm to our clients from such damages.

Utilizing an array of federal trademark and copyright laws and state trade secret laws, we maximize the protection of our clients’ intellectual property and the recovery of damages associated with its wrongful use or theft. Mapping out strategies for conducting confidential, thorough discovery in such disputes is crucial to protecting the sensitive information involved. In today’s digital world, forensic computer security experts can also be utilized to help track the nearly instantaneous electronic dissemination of protected materials. Through it all, Fellheimer & Eichen LLP's lawyers can efficiently guide you through the myriad of challenges that companies face in protecting their intellectual property and confidential information.