Appellate Advocacy

In addition to trial advocacy, Fellheimer & Eichen LLP attorneys are experienced in representing clients on appeal. The members of our Appellate Advocacy Practice Group recognize that the hallmark of successful appellate advocacy is the crafting of persuasive arguments. Our lawyers strive to bring clarity of thought and creativity to their appellate arguments, both in written briefs and at oral argument.

Our clients benefit from the unique perspective our lawyers, who “frame the issues” to optimize the chances of success in meeting our clients’ objectives. Some members of the group are former appellate law clerks of jurists for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Appeal matters can arise both before and after trial or at the close of a case. Appeals filed before trial are known as interlocutory appeals. The Appellate Advocacy Practice Group has represented clients in appeals as litigation counsel in the court below and as successor counsel brought in to handle the appeal. Our lawyers can work with clients and their litigation counsel to further the client’s appeal objectives.